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International Week Competition 2016

This year's International Week competition will feature wrestlers from around the world, and will be held in Bolton, UK.

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Opinion: The Singlet Controversy

The state of Nebraska made headlines for deciding to allow folkstyle wrestlers to wear “fight shorts” and “moisture wicking shirts.” The singlets that are currently worn seem to be a deterrent for potential students, therefore many young people choose to play other sports to avoid wearing a singlet. The controversy seems to be between people who are labeled wrestling "purists" and those who are more progressive and favor change. 

If the uniform is tight fitting so that wrestlers do not grab, or get tangled in clothing, then there is really no problem. Folkstyle descended from Catch Wrestling. An example of the competition uniform is shown above in the photograph of Frank Gotch wrestling Georg Hackenshmidt. A purist would probably prefer this outfit over the singlet if they know their history. The following two examples come from the collegiate wrestling archives of the University of Northern Iowa:

The Catch Wrestling Alliance allows rashguards and "fight shorts," lik…

Mike Chapman Interview: The Future of Catch Wrestling

CWA at the Asia MMA Summit

Top self defense school, Kapap Academy Singapore was invited yet again to the Asia MMA Summit that was held in Singapore hosted by One FC. Kapap Academy, led by CEO Yunquan Qin represented Catch as Catch Can Wrestling, and teh Catch Wrestling Alliance in the discussion of the Catch Wrestling's contribution to the sport of MMA.