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VR Catch Wrestling Flow 360° Video

Qin Yunquan Wins Queen's Young Leader Award for Singapore

Congratulations to Ms Qin Yunquan for winning the Queen's Young Leader Award for 2017 for Singapore. This award recognises young outstanding individuals within the 53 nations under the Commonwealth. As the sole Award winner for Singapore in 2017, Yunquan has earned the recognition from Her Majesty the Queen of England for her social entrepreneurial work helping others stay safe through self Defence. Yunquan will be receiving the award personally from the Queen, together with other award winners from the other countries. 

"Thank you to my teacher/mentor, Master Teo Yew Chye for believing in me and guiding me all these years. Thank you my friends, students and family for supporting me all these years and making all these so worth while." Yunquan said regarding winning the award, "This award is a major encouragement to me and I will continue to serve the community, both locally and regionally, to keep as many people safe as possible. I will continue with my mission '…

Catch Wrestling Seminar Schedule for Remainder of 2016

On December 10, Jon Strickland will be joined by Curran Jacobs for a Catch Wrestling seminar in Beavercreek, Ohio at Dayton MMA Academy. Contact the gym directly by clicking here.

 Dr. Raul Ramirez will be doing a series of Catch Wrestling seminars in Singapore from December 28, until January 1 at Kapap Academy Singapore. Contact the gym directly by clicking here.

International Week Competition 2016

This year's International Week competition will feature wrestlers from around the world, and will be held in Bolton, UK.

For more information:

Opinion: The Singlet Controversy

The state of Nebraska made headlines for deciding to allow folkstyle wrestlers to wear “fight shorts” and “moisture wicking shirts.” The singlets that are currently worn seem to be a deterrent for potential students, therefore many young people choose to play other sports to avoid wearing a singlet. The controversy seems to be between people who are labeled wrestling "purists" and those who are more progressive and favor change. 

If the uniform is tight fitting so that wrestlers do not grab, or get tangled in clothing, then there is really no problem. Folkstyle descended from Catch Wrestling. An example of the competition uniform is shown above in the photograph of Frank Gotch wrestling Georg Hackenshmidt. A purist would probably prefer this outfit over the singlet if they know their history. The following two examples come from the collegiate wrestling archives of the University of Northern Iowa:

The Catch Wrestling Alliance allows rashguards and "fight shorts," lik…

Mike Chapman Interview: The Future of Catch Wrestling

CWA at the Asia MMA Summit

Top self defense school, Kapap Academy Singapore was invited yet again to the Asia MMA Summit that was held in Singapore hosted by One FC. Kapap Academy, led by CEO Yunquan Qin represented Catch as Catch Can Wrestling, and teh Catch Wrestling Alliance in the discussion of the Catch Wrestling's contribution to the sport of MMA.

Jon Strickland Interview: "How much of a beating can you take?"

Jon Strickland is the head coach of American Hook Wrestling which is the lineage holder of the American branch of Catch Wrestling

Find out more at

Find out more at

The Origin of the "Grovit"

We posted this image of American Catch Wrestling master, William Wicks doing a front face lock, or "Grovit." Many people had questions about the term, "Grovit."  Here is an explanation by Dr. Stephen Greenfield. 

"The original meaning was associated with a local word for an animal such as a sheep with a misshapen jaw (usually overshot). I believe it was applied to the name of a tool as a reference to the shape. As far as the Wigan Grovit, I would suspect it was in reference to the appearance of someone who had it applied to them."

Dr. Greenfield is a physician, wrestler, and historian who works with the Snake Pit Wigan

The Future of Catch: Drew Persson Interview

Olympics Highlight Need for Catch As Catch Can Wrestling

How many points can you score in six minutes? That is how many Olympics wrestling matches are decided. Getting points for passivity and pushing your opponent out of the circle are not in the spirit of wrestling. If the goal of wrestling was to pin your opponent, then adding points and short time limits change the goal. A wrestler can win by out scoring the opponent. It seems like the rules of freestyle are designed to make sure that the wrestling event is over quickly. An example of this would be the aforementioned push out, or awarding a point if a wrestler cannot score after being put on the shot clock.

The tragedy of wrestling and grappling events is that wrestlers and fans are emotionally devastated when a wrestler loses by a small difference in points. Catch Wrestler, and former captain of the Michigan State wrestling team, Curran Jacobs stated in a recent interview for Takedown Wrestling that he always fell short of becoming an All American wrestler because of a slight point dif…

Catch Wrestling Seminar at Gracie Barra Glendale

Why Lineage is Important and Why it's Not

By Jon Strickland, head coach of American Hook Wrestling

Why Lineage Matters
The human race typically gains it's knowledge from a specific source or sources. Look at the Ivy League, they hold a very long tradition of the pursuit of excellence in education and professional studies. Harvard being one of those schools, is known for its law and business schools. Other schools not Ivy League, like MIT, have a long tradition of science and engineering.  These schools produce top professionals more often than not. Wecould take specific collegiate sports, like football, and see a traditional within them. Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State are usually good and hold numerous championships. Not only do they send a lot of guys to the pros, they also produce the future coaches who are sought out so highly.  Today we see a lot of these for profit colleges who don't produce such things. In fact, very often they have no credibility and base graduation on pay not knowledge. Lineage should have years of…

Takedown Wrestling and Catch Wrestling Alliance Working Together to Keep Real Wrestling Alive

The global wrestling news leader, Takedown Wrestling Media will now feature the growing sport of Catch Wrestling. Catch as Catch Can Wrestling is the style that started it all for modern wrestlers. Freestyle and Folkstyle wrestling, both are rooted in the style of the great wrestlers of the turn of the century, like Frank Gotch, "Farmer" Burns, and others.Takedown Wrestling and Catch Wrestling Alliance will be working hard to bring this great wrestling sport to the widest audience.

We are featured on Takedown Wrestling TV: 7/5/16

Frank Gotch World Catch Tournament Recap

HUMBOLDT, Iowa – Curran Jacobs of East Lansing, Michigan, and Shayna Baszler of Los Angeles were among the big winners Sunday, July 3, at the first ever Frank Gotch World Catch Championships held in the hometown of the legendary world champion from the early 1900s. A total of 21 wrestlers from various states and Canada participated. Jacobs won the 181-199-pound class when one competitor, Travis Warner (aka Newaza) failed to make weight and another wrestler withdrew at the last minute. However, Jacobs and Warner faced off in a special match at the end of the tournament. Both had won other major catch titles and this was a showdown that had been anticipated in the catch wrestling world for some time. Jacobs, a former star at Michigan State University, scored a takedown early in the bout after some serious sparring and worked Warner onto his back and held him tight for a pin at the 2:47 mark. Jacobs won the first CWA tournament in Los Angeles in 2104 and was presented with the Frank Gotch …

Frank Gotch World Catch Tournament Results

Men's 220+ Division: 1st Chris Morales, 2nd Nicholas Caggia, 3rd James Bunn
Men's 200-219 Division: 1st Travis Wiuff, 2nd Ned Morales, 3rd Nick Badger
Men's 160-179 Division: 1st Anthony Pachek, 2nd Keanu Huete, 3rd Johnny Boyd
Men's 140-159 Division: 1st Matt Tran, 2nd Javier Garcia, 3rd Adam Laporte
Women's Open Weight Division: 1st Shayna Baszler, 2nd Laura Anderson, 3rd Drew Persson

Check us out on Takedown TV: 6/28/16

Catch Wrestling Weekend in Humboldt, Iowa July 2-3, 2016!

Historic Free Catch Wrestling Demonstration July 2, in Bicknell Park

A free demonstration of catch wresting will be held at 2 p.m. on July 2, in Bicknell Park. The demonstration is being put on by Dr. Raul Ramirez, head of the Catch Wrestling Alliance in Los Angeles, and Roy Wood, longtime coach at the legendary Snake Pit in Wigan, England.

“This is an incredible opportunity for sports fans to learn about catch wrestling, the style made popular by Frank Gotch,” said Mike Chapman, author of several books on Gotch, and a movie screenplay currently making the rounds in Hollywood. “Catch wrestling has its roots in Lancaster, England, and the most important spot for learning the style was at the famous Billy Riley Gym in Wigan, which became known as the Snake Pit due to its demanding style of wrestling.” 

“Catch wrestling is all about wrestling, submissions, and toughness,” said Ramirez, who has won three tournaments in Wigan. “Roy Wood is the last successor of the famous Riley school and he has made it his life mission to keep alive this forerunner of combat…

Dr. Stephen Greenfield: Catch Wrestling is a Distinct Wrestling Style

If I hear "it's just a ruleset" or "it's all grappling" - yes it is a form of grappling, as is Judo , BJJ, they all have their distinctive points, techniques, nuances, history and strategy. Yes CACC had a rulset (it is a little more complex than that), but it was not JUST a ruleset. There was and is an art, which was practiced in the Lancashire region that made its way around the world, was taken up by the populations there after the likes of Tom Connors spread it to America - it was passed on and developed by the likes of Farmer Burns, Frank Gotch, etc., in America, Carrol, Charnock, etc., in the UK. Despite the time apart, the art of CACC shown by Jon Strickland from Billy Wicks, and that shown by Roy Wood from Billy Riley are remarkably similar not only on a macro but micro level with individual points on technique being almost word for word the same.

When you read match accounts from early 1900's for example, and see the Japanese or the continental …

I'm a Catch Wrestler: Curran Jacobs Interview

Frank Gotch World Catch Tournament

Frank Gotch World Catch Tournament

Jasse Junkkari Interview about Catch History and BJJ

Regarding Lineage

The Snake Pit in Wigan and American Hook Wrestling work together because their lineages can be verified and the mat wrestling techniques are virtually identical. This became apparent during the week of our event, CAW Singapore. We held numerous Catch Wrestling seminars at Kapap Academy Singapore that were lead by Matt Tran representing American Hook Wrestling, and Dr. Raul Ramirez representing Snake Pit Wigan.

Tran and Ramirez taught classes seamlessly without needing to make a specific plan of action. The core techniques from the British and American lineages of Catch Wrestling did not differ. The main differences might have been names of the techniques. An example of a name difference would be the technique referred to as, "far elbow" in Wigan is called, "side roll" in the American lineage.

The similarity of the techniques is striking, it is evidence that this American lineage descended directly from Lancashire, the region in England where Catch as Catch Can Wre…

Exclusive Interview on Catch Wrestling with Raul, Yunquan and Matt

Catch Wrestling Alliance and Kapap Academy Singapore brings to you an exclusive interview on what exactly is Catch Wrestling, its revival, the future of Catch Wrestling and others.

Accommodations in Humboldt, Iowa for the Frank Gotch World Catch Tournament

People planning on traveling to Humboldt, Iowa, to watch the Frank Gotch World Catch Championships on July 3 have several options for lodging. Two motels in the area are designated as host motels for the event: the Super 8 in Humboldt (phone number is 515-332-1131) and the Sleep Inn & Suites (515-302-8508) located in Fort Dodge, about 15 miles south of Humboldt.Humboldt also has camping spots for RVs at Gotch Park and Sheldon Park but the campgrounds don't take reservations. They are $15.00 a night on a first-come first-serve basis.  Each of the parks can accommodate 40 RVs, but the Gotch Park usually fills up a week before the July 3-4 weekend.The Gotch Park campground also has a cabin that holds six people and is $30 a night but it does not have its own bathroom and people staying there have to use the campground’s showers and facilities.There is a link on the City of Humboldt website that has the phone numbers of all of the campgrounds.

CWA Singapore Results

Catch Wrestling Alliance Singapore was held in a 4 man tournament format featuring Chan (Singapore), Josh Robinson (USA), Matt Tran (USA), and Ryan Vance (USA).Semifinal 1: Matt Tran defeats Josh Robinson by pin in 1:46.Semifinal 2: Ryan Vance defeats Chan by pin in 4:51.3rd place match: Josh Robinson defeats Chan by heel hook submission in 1:05.Final: Matt Tran defeats Ryan Vance by decision in 20:00.

Op-ed: Catch wrestling will never be even remotely as popular as Jiu Jitsu

Catch wrestling will never be even remotely as popular as Jiu Jitsu. I will list the reasons why this is. 1. Nobody seems to know what actual Catch Wrestling is. They seem to think it's amateur wrestling mixed with other arts. Basically creating a self made system and applying a name that's not appropriate. (Where there's a student there was a teacher and you can follow that evidence rather easily. Personally I don't give two shits who that upsets. This alone killed the comeback before it could even start.) 2. Legit catch practitioners lack an association of checks and balances. (You don't claim a Blackbelt of any rank in JJ if it's not true. Those who have are normally called out.) 3. There's enough legit coaches in the world for this art to spread correctly but many start coaching way too soon and don't even fully known the system in a competitive sense yet much less of making someone else legit. 4. Without structure there's random chaos. 5. Havin…

The American Linage of Catch Wrestling Has a New Name!

EASLEY, S.C. - Exciting things are happening as Jon Strickland, head coach and Catch-as-Catch-Can (CACC) Hooker,  is revamping his at home wrestling program, now called American Hook Wrestling.  

"This is an exciting time," said Strickland. "There is so much that I want to be able to present to my students, but I was hindered by aspects that were just out of my control. All that has changed."

A new website, new camera equipment and organizational changes within the company are just some of the changes Strickland has implemented to make his company run more smoothly.

"I'm a wrestler, not a business man," he said. "And like most other wrestlers I know, I get so wrapped up in the sport itself, things like updating the website, editing new videos and sending out progress reports ended up sitting on the back burner. But not anymore."

With American Hook Wrestling, Strickland has brought together a team of professionals to take care of the business sid…

American Catch Wrestler Billy Wicks on Staying Relaxed and the Importance of Wrestling

Here's the points I'd like to make about catch wrestling. You never do anything well or to your best ability when you panic. Learning to relax is the single most important aspect of how I was taught and teach catch wrestling. It's hard to learn this part of wrestling. It normally takes quite a few years for most. 
People get far too anxious in getting the win. Therefore they blow themselves up or walk right into a hook. Often I hear, "how do you not panic if a person is beating or hurting you?" Its quite simple. You learn to wrestle. What's that? You must learn to escape, reverse, and block a move. That is all in the technique itself. Its not in your body. 
Until you learn to relax, you won't be considered a knowledgeable catch guy. This brings me to the holds. How many holds are applied when someone taps out? Normally just one, right. Guys don't often lose by a DWL and toe hold. They lose by one hold. You chain your wrestling. If you shoot for a leg, …