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Catch Wrestling: Is it an art or sport?

By Jon Strickland of the Billy Wicks Foundation
During the comeback of Catch as Catch Can wrestling, I have seen the debates on this very topic. Some comparison or analogies used are very misleading and so meant to be, I suspect. Lets start with, "it's a sport" and go from there. There certainly have been wrestling matches since and before the three major Abrahamic religions were created. We see evidence from the days of ancient Egypt and even earlier than that civilization. First thing, we should cover the origin of the word itself. The term, Catch as Catch Can is English. Now did submission wrestling exist before this? Sure it did, and in fact, probably did in many different parts of the world. However, the term is a specific term and not a generic one. Thus, because it is a specific term then there was specific sport or art that was the actual definition of the term.

The argument for sport is competition, and there was plenty of competition within wrestling. Many upo…

Catch Wrestling Alliance: Revelation

Catch Wrestling Alliance Presents: Revelation with Special Guest Randy Couture!

Tickets are now on sale for the second international Catch Wrestling Alliance event, entitled “Revelation.” This event will feature MMA legend, Randy “The Natural” Couture as guest of honor. It will take place at South Coast Martial Arts, 2990 Grace Lane, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.
Catch Wrestlers with authentic Catch Wrestling backgrounds from around the world, including Europe, North America, are confirmed to compete. Match ups are still to be determined and will be announced later.
“We are very happy to have the support of MMA legend Randy Couture for the revelation of authentic Catch Wrestling to the public,” said Raul Ramirez, chief organizer of the Catch Wrestling Alliance. “We want to make the old time Catch Wrestlers proud, this will be the only event outside of England that will demonstrate Catch Wrestling the way it has been passed down for generations.”
Matches will be held under traditional Catch Wrestling rules, where you can win by submission or pin. No points will be scored. …

Mike Chapman on Gama vs Gotch

Mike Chapman, accomplished Wrestling Author and Historian writes about the long speculated match between the Great Gama and Frank Gotch that never actually took place.

In regards to a matchup between Frank Gotch and the Great Gama: “For decades there has been speculation offered on how Frank Gotch would have fared with the wrestler known as the Great Gama. The best source for assessing such a dream match would be Stanislaus Zbyszko, who was world heavyweight champion in the early 1920s and wrestled both Gotch and Gama.

In the August, 1953, issue of True magazine, Zbyszko said: “That was in the era of Frank Gotch, the greatest wrestler I have ever seen or met. Gotch ruled as catch-as-catch-can champion of the world from 1905 to 1915 and during that time he was a stern warden of the sport, immediately cracking down on any suspicion of conniving or dishonesty.” Also, in the August, 1961, issue of Sport magazine, Ed “Strangler” Lewis said this: “I wasn’t a Frank Gotch but then nobody els…